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    Name & surname: Hossein Robati

    Birth Date: Jan. 30, 1946

    Birth Place: Neyshabur, Iran


    Mr. Hossein Robati started his business activities in Mashhad City, Khorasan Province of Iran by establishing a bicycle and motorcycle spare parts supply company in 1966, later expanding its scope to the whole province and then to the whole country.

    From 1966 to 1986, he established sales branches throughout the country and obtained exclusive sales rights from well-known brands of Germany, France, India, Taiwan, and China and later expanded his activities by founding motorcycle manufacturing companies titled Bussle, Kasra Khodro, Behpar Motor, Nasim Cyclet Tous, Arya Sanat Semnam, Aryana, and Rakeb Ran.

    He has been chairman to board of directors and managing director of the Cooperative Supply Company of Khorasan Province and member of board of directors of the Iranian Syndicate of motorcycle manufacturers for many years.

    In addition to his expansive activities in the industry and international trading, and in order to facilitate his business relations, Mr. Robati established Shellco International Trading Company (L.L.C.) in Dubai City of United Arab Emirates in 1993.

    In 1996, Mr. Robati started a joint venture with Kish Island Development Organization and constructed the largest business complex of the island titled Kish Trade Center.
    Another venture by Mr. Robati was the Khayyam Planetarium of Neyshabur, which is the largest astronomical center in the Middle East. He was introduced as a member of the board of trustees and benefactor to donate the center to Fersowsi University of Mashhad.

    With a vision of development of the beautiful island of Kish, Mr. Robati purchased a piece of land in the tourist coastal strip of the island in 2004, where, by the support of relevant departments, an outstanding residential complex was designed and implemented titled Kish Golden Towers.

    We wish for the health and success of these entrepreneurs of development of our Islamic country with auspices of the Almighty God.

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