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    | Kish Beaches |

    The coral beaches of Kish sparkle in the sunlight. This is something, which the sandy beaches of many resort areas around the world do not offer. The seawater near the beach is crystal clear and one can see the bottom of the sea up to a far distance. This is, of course, due to the corals around the island, which purify the water.Relative to its area, Kish has one of the longest beach stretches. Unlike the crowded beaches elsewhere, the beach here is a relaxing and peaceful place.  The fish and other marine life in the coastal waters of Kish are very unique. Visitors loose track of time when watching these species which are easily visible. At the same time, the best quality edible fish is caught here. The coastal waters of Kish are among the safest in the world. There are no sharks and swimming is totally safe. Tourists can use this beach and enjoy the sun and water all year round.



    | The Ancient Town of Harireh  |

    The ruins of the ancient city of Harireh measure around 120 hectares.  This vast area surface tells the tale that a large and prosperous city once existed in this region with a thriving population.  What remains of it today is a volume of urban architecture, but rarely will an arch, cover, or ceiling be seen intact, except for a few instances where arched stone ceilings have remained unharmed from the detriments of destruction. The Port of ancient Harireh was a concrete, well-knit city with an extrovert architecture.  Here, there are no signs of an introvert, self-defending architecture which can be seen in other historic cities in Iran.  Choosing this part of the island to build a city was a most natural and logical choice.  Its high cliffs are over ten metres above sea level, with three capes acting as natural harbours, and a shore relatively calmer than other coastlines along the island, all in all helping to shape the city in its northern coast.  To date, three separate archaeological digs have been carried out in the remains of the ancient city of Harireh.The aristocratic house: the aristocratic house is a reminder of old extended family homes inside the Iranian plateau and in cities such as Yazd, Isfahan, and Kashan.  It is considered a model of extended family dwellings alongside the Persian Gulf.  Apart from the expanse of the house and its varied spaces, star-shaped tiles have been found here which are similar to those ornating the important buildings of the Ilkhanate Iran, such as Takht-e Soleiman and Soltanieh.  This find, which is certainly importand to the island, indicates that the building belonged to one of the rich inhabitants of Kish.The industrial section: This section is built exactly next to the sea and has an unknown style of architecture and spaces.  The collection of lateral underground canals and numerous wells in the nooks and crannies form a unique and interesting complex, the function of which is still unknown.  But, it seems to be directly connected to fishing activities (fish, pearls, and corals) and was built for easier access to the sea.  It can also be presumed that these corridors were hidden passageways the inhabitants of the city could use in emergencies during times of attack and invasion. Public baths: This complex is comprised of a bath with numerous courtyards, and 500 square metres of fencing.  The changing room, hot chamber, and furnace are situated in the south of the said section and are separated with an indoor corridor.  Two small and large pools in the south of the hot chamber form the last section of the building.Archaeologists believe these baths, which may be the oldest of their kind in Iran discovered and recognised in archaeological digs, have two separated eras – Ilkhanate and Timurid.  Considering the limited capacity of the baths, and the outside wall stretching to the aristocratic house, which is situated in the southeast of the baths on top a tall hill, it seems these were private baths belonging to the owner of the house.

    |  The Mysterious Greek Ship on the Beautiful Coral Island of Kish |

    In the west of the island, a massive ship has landed in the azure waters on the shores of Kish, which is known as the Greek Ship.  On a hot summer's day, Kish natives saw a massive ship which had run aground near Baqou village with great astonishment.  With the passing of years, the reason for the ship running aground remains behind a haze of obscurity.  The ship was built by the William Hamilton Company in 1943, weighing 7061 tonnes and measuring 136 metres in length in Glasgow – Scotland.  On July 26th, 1966, when returning to Greece form Iran, the ship ran aground at latitude 20º 26' N and longitude 54º 53' E.  The Dutch tugboat, Orinoko, spent 80 days in vain trying to pull the ship out.  Many failed attempts were made to free it, but the passengers were finally forced to abandon ship, because it was not financially feasible to move it.  Information obtained from Lloyds of London insurance company show that the ship flew a Greek flag and was called Kolaof at the time.  The ship's first name was "The Emperor's Horn", then "Naturalist", and in the years 1959 to one year before its final anchorage, it was owned by the Iranian ship company and was called "Cyrus Fars" and "Hamedan".  Watching the sun set slowly behind the Greek Ship in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf is an unforgettable and lasting memory

    | Grand Recreational Pier

    Kish Grand Recreational Pier was built with steel piling and wooden decks with four side-deck spaces by Iranian experts. This pier is 437 meters long, 18 meters wide and 10 thousand square meters in area. Its construction did not damage the marine habitat. Tourists can enjoy the natural sights from this pier while watching the colorful fish species of Kish coral beaches. The first phase of Kish Grand Recreational Pier was constructed within a short period of 20 months and inaugurated on the 27th of July 2006.




    Kish Mosques

    Kish has seven mosques.  The Amir mosque, Khatam -Al-Anbia mosque and Noor mosque are some of the biggest mosques of Kish. Amir mosque is one of the ancient monuments of Kish which has been maintained beautifully by the Cultural Heritage Organization, by preserving the native architectural elements.  They have tried to maintenance this mosque situated at the back of Kish free zone office building in the early 1990s. The Khatam- Al- Anbia mosque is one of the magnificent religious monuments east pf the beach.  Its high minarets give a very beautiful and spectacular view from the beach. This mosque is situated in Safeyn district and Kish Friday prayers are held there.  Noor mosque is one of the biggest mosques attended by Kish natives, with a very special architecture and Friday and Sunni prayers are held in this mosque.


    | Dolphin Park Complex  

    In a big beautiful garden of 70 hectares, where beautiful bougainvilleas are wrapped  around palm tre es, and green plants and colorful  flowers present a different nature to the visitors, for the first time in the Middle East, sea mammals and penguins entertain the children  and adults alike. More than 20 dolphins, sea lions, sea cats, sea boars, and white whales jump, cruise forward and backward, clap, snore and throw balls in the largest manmade pool on Kish Island. Sea mammals and penguins are not the only amusements of Engineer Hossein Sabet’s Park & Resort Complex.  The Bird Zoo, Cactus Garden, Orchid Garden, Silkworm House, Underwater Aquarium, and Erupting Volcano are other amusing sectors of the palm grove of the southeastern tip of Kish Island, which attract thousands daily. The visitors enjoy watching tens of different birds from all over the world, beautiful and rare cactuses and orchids, the metamorphosis of silkworms and cruising of fish in their natural environments during the daytime, and the erupting of an artificial volcano at nights.


    | Bird Garden

    The Bird Garden is situated inside the Dolphin Park with more than 57 bird species, including Pelicans, Ostriches, Blue & Yellow Macaw, different kinds of Storks, Toco Toucans, Turacos, Swans, African Penguins and rare species like Marsh Crocodiles.  This, undoubtedly, is one of the most unique animal centers in Iran. It is noteworthy to say that different kinds of species from the farthest parts of the world, from South America to Australia and from East Asia to Africa have been brought to this park.



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